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  • Acted in drafting of Private Sector Infrastructure Guidelines (PSIG) for Bangladesh as part of the IIFC team that was involved in developing the PSIG outlining all possible concerns from the government side and investors’ side to initiate and implement an infrastructure project in private sector ensuring legal protection and various approval stages. The Guidelines contain transparent procedures in carrying out bidding and evaluation of bids and the award process, policy decisions and setting up various institutions and committees for speedy decision-making process and implementation monitoring process. During formulation of the Guidelines, all stakeholders comprising private sector and private sector have been consulted. The Guidelines was gazzetted on 5 October 2004 by a notification of the Cabinet Division.
  • Land Ports Project: This project is launched by the government to develop 12 private owned land ports in Bangladesh in Indian borders. Our lawyers prepared the concession agreements for land ports, land lease agreements and other security documentation.
  • Leasing Power Grid Company of Bangladesh’s OFC Network: Drafted the lease agreement (i.e. concession agreement) for leasing of one pair of Dhaka-Chittagong Optic Fiber Cable (OFC) network, commonly known as Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh, along the 230 kV power transmission line. Reviewed and helped in drafting the Model License of the Transmission network Service Providers (TNSP) to be used by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.  Advised on the procurement issues and regulatory framework of the telecommunication sector.
  • New Mooring Container Terminal Project: The Government of Bangladesh, as a part of its Port Reform and Modernization Strategy to increase efficiency and reduce costs to the port users, has adopted the policy to operate terminals through the private sector. The New Mooring Container Terminal at Chittagong under the Chittagong Port Authority will be handed over to a private Terminal Operator for a period of 20 years for operation and management of the Terminal along with supply of required equipment on SOT basis.  Our lawyers had responsibility to prepare, process and negotiate the concession contract and the security documentations with the relevant persons.